Proclaiming the Gospel With Our Finances
In His abundant grace, God has given us all we have, and He has made us all we are. We are called to be good stewards of everything, stewarding our money, our time, and our talents—for God’s kingdom and God’s glory. Therefore, because of the riches we have in Christ, our Lord calls us to give cheerfully of our offerings out of duty and delight.



Funds To Which You Can Give


General Fund

The General Fund is how Redeemer Church of South Hills manages it’s day-to-day operations. Your gift to this fund directly impacts the work of the ministry for our members, attendees, and those in our community. 

Mercy Fund

The Ministry of Mercy is an indispensable aspect of the Church and is an expression of the compassion, care, and comfort of the Lord Jesus Christ for those struggling with financial and/or physical needs. Your gift to this fund will directly help those among us who are in need.  
If you would like to give a gift to the Mercy Ministry, please indicate that in the comments section, otherwise your gift will go into the General Fund

Why We Give