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The Leftist “Confession of Faith” – We Believe: Women’s Rights Are Human Rights

It is undeniable and bears repeating, that this crusade against the unborn is core to leftist doctrine. Their mission is to enshrine for all women the untouchable and unquestioned right to murder her baby, at her convenience, without the possibility of anything standing in her way. This is the goal.
This is Part 3 in our series “The Leftist “Confession of Faith.” Click below to view the others:

Foundational Equality

Christians have a foundation to affirm the rights of all human beings. Because the Bible teaches that all people, male and female, are created by God, in His image, there is sufficient grounding in the Christian worldview for equality between men and women. Though men and women are distinct and generally endowed with different gifts and callings, they are objectively and ontologically equal, and they must be treated as such. 
The secular leftist worldview cannot provide such equality. In a system where there is no God, no image of God, no intrinsic human value, the language of fundamental “rights” really has no foundation. But in the case of Christianity, there is reason for the protection of human rights, and that begins with the fundamental right given by God, the very breath of life He breathed into man (Gen. 2:7). This is the right that no man has the authority to take away. It is foundational.

Women’s “Rights”

This particular statement of leftist doctrine is correct in equating the rights of women to those of all other humans; after all, women are human. No, the problem with this statement is not the common sense parallel between women and humans, but it is the definition of the word “right.” It is clear that the thing here referred to as “women’s rights” is the freedom to have an abortion. And to truly protect this freedom, a woman must be able to obtain an abortion at any time, for any reason, and ideally at no cost and with absolutely no infringement. 
The so-called logic behind this argument is that, for women to be truly equal to men, they must be as free to be not pregnant as men are. Therefore, without unlimited access to abortion, women will never be on equal ground with men. To the leftist then, abortion is a justice issue, and it is chief among the non-negotiable planks of their platform.

It’s A Justice Issue

The Christian, too, sees abortion as a justice issue; however, not according to the twisted logic of the left. In Genesis 9:6, God authoritatively endows all mankind with the right to life by virtue of nothing more than being created in His image. The well-known imagery of Psalm 139, God knitting human beings together in the womb, along with numerous other places in Scripture, confirms that pre-born babies are people made in God’s image. Therefore, the biblical conclusion must be that the lives of the unborn must be protected as staunchly as all other human lives, and that abortion is nothing more than the sin of murder. It is injustice in the highest, robbery of the most fundamental of human rights.
The glaring inconsistency in the leftist confession is that it claims to support women as being worthy of what is defined as basic human rights, yet it denies the biblical and constitutional rights of the unborn. They ignore not only the word of the living God but also the biology of life itself. The fact that unique DNA comes into existence at the moment of conception is undisputed. Ultrasound technology has provided historically unprecedented access to the baby in the womb, that growth and development may be observed from the earliest stages of pregnancy. Indeed, the only distinctions between human beings inside the womb and those outside are their size, level of development, environment, and degree of dependence. And upon this basis, the left justifies their systematic extermination.

Unquestioned Right To Murder

It is undeniable and bears repeating, that this crusade against the unborn is core to leftist doctrine. Their mission is to enshrine for all women the untouchable and unquestioned right to murder her baby, at her convenience, without the possibility of anything standing in her way. This is the goal. 
Christians cannot stand by and watch this take place, much less lend even the slightest support to such a wicked agenda. Leftists will cry injustice and misogyny when any restrictions on abortion are implemented, no matter how minor, yet these accusations carry no true moral weight. They are unfounded, based not on any meaningful standard of justice, but on the foundations of a godless culture that arbitrarily assigns value based on its own sinful impulses. 

Christians Are Called To Take Action

The true injustice, the kind that brings about God’s righteous judgment, is the continued slaughter of the unborn. Christians are compelled to take action against this. “Rescue those who are being taken away to death; hold back those who are stumbling to the slaughter. If you say ‘Behold, we did not know this, does not he who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not he who keeps watch over your soul know it, and will he not repay man according to his work?” (Prov. 24:11-12). The conflation of abortion with fundamental human rights is a particularly thin disguise, and it should not take strenuous discernment to recognize this error.
The danger for Christians regarding this leftist dogma is not so much being fooled by it as it is turning a blind eye to it. Thousands of murders by abortion take place every day, and the leftists are painfully clear regarding their ambitions for these murders to not only continue but to increase. And they hide under the cloak of “women’s rights.” 

Only the biblical worldview can provide a foundation for the rights of men, women, children, and yes, the unborn too. This truth must be pressed and pressed hard by Christians, and the wicked march of the genocide committed by the left must be exposed and brought to an end.

Luke Griffo is a member of leadership at Redeemer Church of South Hills in West Mifflin, PA.  Click here for more RCSH Blog posts. 
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