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Are We Not On The Same Team? Why Christians Disagree On How To Fight Abortion

As Christians, we ought to be able to discuss, debate, reason, mutually submit to the word of God, and ultimately unite around divine revelation in collective action, yet far too often, these debates go nowhere.


Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them.
-Ephesians 5:11


The New American Androgyn

If we will not speak up on behalf of this most basic creational truth, the glorious distinction between male and female, will we speak up for anything? Our culture is seeking to willfully shred reality into something unrecognizable and despicable.

Read more…

The Leftist “Confession of Faith” – We Believe: Love is Love

Christians cannot hope to bring about conviction over sin and repentance for it by the gospel message if the reality of God’s sovereign rule over all is so quickly abandoned. And one by one, Christians are surrendering foundational truths to LGBTQ demands, from God’s definition of marriage and the biblical family model, to even God’s own role as Creator when it comes to gender.

Wake Up: Critical Race Theory & Sin

CRT is not about justice, but vengeance; not about establishing unity, but sowing division; not about forgiveness, but retribution; not about impartiality, but inconsistent standards; not about peace, but strife; not about love, but hate; not about grace, but race; not about sin, but skin. 

No Justice, No Peace?

In a world marred by sin, injustice remains prevalent, and justice will never be perfectly executed. How then are we to respond to injustice? How then can we have peace? Read more…


The Sinfulness of Sin: Lawlessness

It is of the utmost importance that we understand exactly what sin is and what makes it so wicked. A clear understanding and firm grasp on this is essential to biblical Christianity; it humbles us by reminding us of just how rebellious we are, and it brings to our consciousness the transcendent holiness and perfection of God Himself. Read more…

Sacrifice or Struggle?

When you think about it, it must be very difficult; we should seek to understand, be truly empathetic, and certainly tenderhearted, but we must not make the category error of confusing sacrifice with the struggle against sin.


This dichotomy of exchange should be exactly what we expect to see in Christianity. In fact, it illustrates for us exactly what we need—to shed our sinfulness and put on righteousness. These two cannot coexist; ultimately, there can only be one or the other.


The Sinfulness of Sin: The Answer


It was not possible for Christ to be held by death (Acts 2:24)—he was resurrected! For us, that is everything! It means that God’s justice and wrath against us is satisfied. It means that Christ’s work is finished. It means that the results of sin—death—is defeated and that total forgiveness and absolvement is available to any who would put their faith, not in their own ability to obey, but in what Jesus has accomplished in our place. Read more…