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Feb 28, 2024
Attributes of God Study: Week 17
  • Feb 28, 2024Attributes of God Study: Week 17
    Feb 28, 2024
    Attributes of God Study: Week 17
  • Feb 25, 2024God, Government, and You (Part 3)
    Feb 25, 2024
    God, Government, and You (Part 3)
    As believers, we recognize that God has established the government, magistrates, and authorities. Therefore, we show respect in our dealings and abide by the lawful laws. Our response to the authorities should be peaceful, and we should pray for their salvation while also serving as a corrective influence by reminding them that they are appointed by God and must obey Him and His laws. We must also be proactive at all levels where we are called to serve. In rare cases, when all other options have been exhausted, we may need to exercise civil disobedience to stand up in obedience to God. This may include a situation where the magistrate requires us to do something forbidden by God or to refrain from doing something that God commands us to do. Nevertheless, we must always uphold everything that God commands us to do. Scripture: Daniel 3:8-18, Romans 13:1-7
  • Feb 21, 2024Attributes of God Study: Week 16
    Feb 21, 2024
    Attributes of God Study: Week 16
  • Feb 18, 2024God Speaks
    Feb 18, 2024
    God Speaks
    Scripture: Exodus 19:4-20:2
  • Feb 18, 2024God, Government, and You (Part 2)
    Feb 18, 2024
    God, Government, and You (Part 2)
    In a society where immoral people are in power, it is expected to see partiality, corruption, deceitfulness, and abuse of authority.  Unlawful laws not in line with God's law may be passed and enforced.  This can lead to chaos, disorder, and lawlessness.  As individuals, we cannot reject or detach from the government.  However, we can strive to be the most respectful, honest, and obedient citizens possible as far as we are able.  We should encourage our government officials to act with integrity, justice, and righteousness and hold them accountable when they fail to do so.  We should also remember that God establishes governments and will ultimately be held accountable to Him.  Even though we may need to obey God rather than man in certain situations, we can still show honor, respect, and obedience to lawful laws.
    Scripture: Daniel 6:1-15, Romans 13:1-4
  • Feb 11, 2024God, Government, and You
    Feb 11, 2024
    God, Government, and You
    God has established three social institutions - the family, the church, and the government.  As followers of God, we are responsible for shaping these institutions according to His design.  If we overlook the importance of these institutions, we risk the unraveling of our society, leading to a family lacking definition, an ineffective church, and a government lacking justice and accountability.  Those in positions of power must fear God, for without this fear, right and wrong can become distorted, and true justice will be lost.  As Christians, we cannot remain idle spectators,  
    Scripture: Deuteronomy 17:14-21, Romans 13:1-7
  • Feb 4, 2024As Far As It Depends On You
    Feb 4, 2024
    As Far As It Depends On You
    As Christians, we can expect pushback and even hostility from the world, so how do we deal with people who don't like us, or more accurately, who we represent very much? We're not "fight fire with fire" or repay evil for evil, even when we're right, for this is where we fall into sin ourselves, but instead, we should seek to bless them, for we have that they need. Pray for them, preach the gospel, be patient, and love them with the love of Christ, even when they don't see it that way.
    We are to live peaceably with all insofar as it depends on us. This does not mean that we ignore sin or compromise our beliefs, but it does mean that we acknowledge problems, deal with them biblically, and speak with softness and humility.
    Scripture: Isaiah 65:1-7, Romans 12:14, 17-21
  • Jan 31, 2024Attributes of God Study: Week 15
    Jan 31, 2024
    Attributes of God Study: Week 15
  • Jan 28, 2024Harmony Not Haughtiness
    Jan 28, 2024
    Harmony Not Haughtiness
    In this passage, three characteristics are outlined that all flow from having a humble spirit. We are to live in harmony with other Christians, being of one mind with scripture anchoring our worldview. This means we are patient and have a charitable spirit with one another.  Harmony doesn't simply mean peace, where cheap grace is given with no repentance or obedience required, but instead means to stand for the truth of scripture in love.
    We must be humble toward others, not look down on them, have little patience, or take advantage of weaknesses. Who we are, and the gifts/talents that we have don't come from something within our flesh but are given to us by God.
    Lastly, we are not to be wise in our own eyes. Our attitude should not be one of promoting or exalting ourselves or living a life based simply on how we feel, which is commonplace in the world. For the Christian, our wisdom comes from the Lord and his Word, and we ought to be fair in assessing our gifts, talents, and abilities as we seek to serve the Lord.
    Scripture: Proverbs 3:1-8, 13-18, Romans 12:9-16
  • Jan 24, 2024Attributes of God Study: Week 14
    Jan 24, 2024
    Attributes of God Study: Week 14