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Maturity, Charity, Unity

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The message conveyed in these verses is a powerful reminder that as Christians, we are called to foster unity and love among ourselves. We must be mindful of our maturity as believers and how it influences our behavior towards others. It’s essential to recognize that we all have areas where we may lack understanding or have weaker faith. In such cases, we should avoid insisting on things that the Bible doesn’t declare as sin.

To promote unity, we should welcome our brothers and sisters and avoid quarreling over mere opinions. We should accept them with sincerity, care, respect, and genuine love. We should not keep them at a distance, despise them, or treat them as less than Christian. Instead, we ought to approach them with humility and a willingness to learn from one another.

When it comes to areas of sin, we have a duty to confront, rebuke, and urge repentance to the Lord in a loving way. In doing so, we must be careful to judge with right judgment and avoid passing judgment on things that Scripture doesn’t declare as sin.

In summary, as Christians, we must strive to foster unity and love among ourselves. We should approach each other with humility, respect, and genuine love, and avoid insisting on matters that the Bible doesn’t declare as sin. When necessary, we should confront sin with love and right judgment, always seeking to restore rather than condemn.
Scripture: Psalm 130-131, Romans 14:1-6