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Maturity, Charity, Unity (Part 2)

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As we mature in our Christian faith, we are called to exhibit charity, which leads to unity. Achieving maturity requires consuming and conforming to God’s word and then understanding and practicing it. This process of maturity is not simply a matter of how long you have been a Christian. Charity is not about compromising truth but embodying wisdom, understanding, patience, and grace. Unity is our ultimate goal, involving deep fellowship and caring for one another.

When navigating our relationships with weaker brothers or those who have convictions that the Bible does not prescribe, we should refrain from passing judgment on non-sinful matters. Patience, humility, and the love of Christ are key in discerning that some things don’t rise to the level of sin. Even when we are correct, we must recognize and appreciate where others are spiritually and be teachable ourselves. Through this, we gain a better perspective on the weaker brother.
Scripture: Proverbs 30:1-9, Romans 14: 13-23