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How To Live Under Judgment

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We in today’s world find ourselves in a similar place as the nation of Israel in the time of the prophet Amos.  It was a time of great sin, yet the nation of Israel, who was called to be the light in the world, disobediently opted to maintain their peace while unrest happened all around them.  While not the covenant nation of Israel, America’s sin is grievous, and we can’t expect to avoid judgment by a Holy and just God.  As Christians, we need to repent for how we have contributed to the problem by protecting our peace and then live sacrificially and faithfully.  We need to proclaim Christ everywhere, as God gives us the opportunity, whether to the grossly immoral or to our conservative unbelieving friends and family who are bothered by what they see but may not see why.
Scripture: Hebrews 12:1-2, 25-29, Amos 6