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God, Government, and You (Part 3)

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As believers, we recognize that God has established the government, magistrates, and authorities. Therefore, we show respect in our dealings and abide by the lawful laws. Our response to the authorities should be peaceful, and we should pray for their salvation while also serving as a corrective influence by reminding them that they are appointed by God and must obey Him and His laws. We must also be proactive at all levels where we are called to serve.

In rare cases, when all other options have been exhausted, we may need to exercise civil disobedience to stand up in obedience to God. This may include a situation where the magistrate requires us to do something forbidden by God or to refrain from doing something that God commands us to do. Nevertheless, we must always uphold everything that God commands us to do.

Scripture: Daniel 3:8-18, Romans 13:1-7