June Institutes 2020: “The Beauty of the Law!” explores the law, its purpose and how it applies to our lives today.


Session 1: Origin & History Of The Law

(Pastor Mike Scheib, Jesus Fellowship)
          • The Law Written On The Heart
          • The Law Throughout Redemptive History
          • Three Uses Of The Law

Session 2: Why Then The Law? The Law In Redemption

(Luke Griffo, Redeemer Church of South Hills)
        • Why Is The Law Necessary In God’s Plan of Redemption?
        • The Law As A Mirror
        • The Wages of Sin Is Death
        • Now No Condemnation

Session 3: The Law In Light Of The Gospel

(Pastor Joe Griffo, Redeemer Church of South Hills)
        • What Is The Relevance of the Law For Me?
        • What Does The Law “Look Like” In My Everyday Life?
        • What Is The Relationship Between Grace And Law?