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Abortion Legislation: A Contrast of Good vs. Evil

What is staring us in the face is the complete reversal of good and evil. Think about it: protecting the lives of babies is slandered as being archaic and evil—while killing babies is good. Killing babies is good. That is exactly what the culture is screaming, loudly and clearly, for all to hear.
There are a number of ways that the Scriptures are proven and confirmed truthful. Scholars carefully study the literal mounds of ancient manuscripts that have been discovered, Christians marvel at the fact that detailed prophecies made hundreds of years before the time of Jesus are fulfilled to the letter in him, and we are continually observing the powerful transformation that happens in the lives of individuals when the Spirit brings the Word to life in their hearts.
All of these are important, and we praise God for these testimonies–but too often, we neglect to think about what is confessed in the Westminster Larger Catechism: “The Scriptures manifest themselves to be the Word of God…” This, first and foremost, refers to the Bible’s consistency with itself, the way God’s story of redemption unfolds so beautifully across history; however, we also witness the Scriptures proving themselves true in our everyday experience.

A Complete Reversal

We can take a look at the culture around us today, as people flee from church and disengage from any biblical discussion, and see clearly a fulfillment of Jn. 3:19-20. When we hear about some of the egregious ideas coming out of the progressive left, Rom. 1:22-23 immediately flies into our minds. But one of the most clear and poignant fulfillments of the biblical testimony is playing out at this moment, as we consider two recent bills regarding abortion: “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil…” (Is. 5:20).
A more clear representation of this well-known passage could not be imagined. Comparing the responses to both Vermont’s H. 57 and Alabama’s Human Life Protection Act, (which, in God’s providence, were passed within days of one another) is a vivid affirmation of the biblical witness. The Vermont bill affirms abortion as being a “fundamental right,” allowing by law unlimited access to abortion—for any reason—up until the moment of birth. The language of this legislation goes even beyond the provisions made by the controversial pro-abortion bill passed in New York earlier this year.
In stark contrast, the bill in Alabama outlaws all abortion (except in the case of the mother’s life being legitimately at risk), with a penalty of up to 99 years in prison for any doctor who would perform the procedure. The response, though predictable, has been difficult to stomach. Politicians, celebrities, along with hosts of others have taken to social media to signal their virtue by railing against this bill. It has been decried as a war on women, archaic, disgusting, outrageous.
What is staring us in the face is the complete reversal of good and evil. Think about it: protecting the lives of babies is slandered as being archaic and evil–while killing babies is good. Killing babies is good. That is exactly what the culture is screaming, loudly and clearly, for all to hear. And if you dare stand up for not killing babies, then you better be prepared to face their wrath.

How Did We Get Here?

As we stand in the midst of this, we may be asking ourselves, “how did we get here?”. How did we get to a place where killing children is rallied behind as a fundamental right? It can be tempting for us to question God’s sovereignty—could God really be in control of all this? The comforting answer from Scripture is assuredly “yes.”
What happened in Alabama is an encouragement, and we praise God for it. And the fact that so many from a culture that overtly hates God are attacking it ought to affirm that the place we are standing is biblical ground. After all, “if you were of the world, the world would love you as its own; but because you are not of the world, but I chose you out of the world, therefore the world hates you.” (Jn. 15:19).

We Ought To Be Outraged

As Christians, we ought to be outraged. Outraged, not only at these recent, radical, late-term abortion bills, but at the fact that babies have been killed, day after day, for over 45 years. And it is our responsibility to confront this heinous evil with the gospel, which alone is the foundation for the sanctity of all human life, and alone is able to bring dead sinners from spiritual darkness to the light of eternal life.
I do believe that the Lord has used these radical bills to awaken many of His people, and I pray that He would continue to stir His church, and that we would not lose heart. While we may suffer setbacks and defeat at times in the political arena, we do not place our hope in presidents, legislators, governors, judges, or bills—our hope rests in the Almighty God, who has emerged from the grave victorious over death.
While it is appropriate to cry out “How long, O LORD?” (Ps. 13:1), we must never forget that “Salvation belongs to the LORD” (Ps. 3:8)! Every enemy is being put under the feet of Jesus, and that includes abortion. I know that our faithful God will bring about the end of abortion, and when He does, it will be in a way that magnifies His excellent glory and power over all things.
May He do it soon.
Luke Griffo is a member of leadership at Redeemer Church of South Hills in West Mifflin, PA. Click here for more RCSH Blog posts.
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