Each year, RCSH holds seminars to strengthen, educate, and equip those in our community.
Click the links below to watch past events:

Whatever Happened To Marriage?

Recovering A Biblical Institution

What is marriage? What is the purpose and how do I make it work? How can I prepare myself?

Christianity 101

What is Christianity? What do Christians believe?
Whether you’re a new believer, further along on your path, or just have questions, this seminar will give you a basic, yet firm understanding by exploring the basic teachings of the Christian faith. 
End Abortion Now

Life Is Best: Equipping Christians To Confront Abortion

Abortion is a blessing? Sacred? A family value? That’s what a new billboard campaign in Cleveland calls it. How will you answer?

500th Anniversary of the Protestant Reformation: History & Implications For The Church

What events led to the Reformation? What were the main issues at the heart of the Reformation? How did it change the course of history?

Abortion: The Forgotten Sin

 A preliminary seminar that laid out the problem of this often forgotten subject and its effects on those around us